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International Students

About Qoasis

Qoasis is a collective group of experts focused on
introducing Canada to the world.

We are here to assist you in your settlement, learning and development of opportunities upon entry to Canada

Whether you are looking to live, study or invest in Canada, we connect you to the right people to get you the opportunities needed for you to lead a life of quality and success.

Qoasis also brings Canada to the world. With a roster of investors and consultants ready to work Canadian business abroad, Qoasis is prepared to work with businesses to develop opportunities.

Connecting you to
your next steps

Our expert consultants can reach into community, business, education, and real-estate and to provide you with what you need to attain your goals.

As a member of the Qoasis family, you will have access to the best people who can help make your transition seamless.

We can move you successfully to the world’s best destination!

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