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Karen Hanna-Nesrallah

Karen Hanna-Nesrallah

Operation Manager


Karen Hanna-Nesrallah business experience began as a child on the front lines of her family business in Ottawa, Canada. This is where her passion for business and customer service first began. More importantly, the experience helped strengthen community networks and connections worldwide.

A graduate of Carleton University in Political Science, additionally, took her to the Middle East to Lebanon with the Canadian Delegation for the International Committee for Safeguarding the Cedars of Lebanon and working with the UNDP LIFE Project on the Environment.

Her expertise was honed, in the NGO/ nonprofit sector and she has successfully sat on several boards in the role of president, vice president and board member.

Having worked on various city-wide projects for businesses and organizations including Growing Up Great (a United Way initiative), NGOs, local school boards and religious boards Karen’s passion is children and the opportunity to serve on the Ontario Coalition For Better Child Care and Child Care Council, as well as management of an Ottawa-based childcare facility.

Developing a strong business or organization depends heavily upon defining its identity, tailoring its product/service offerings, creating a plan around fostering its relationship with customers/stakeholders, and creating strong messaging to connect with the target audience.

Karen experience in small businesses and non-profit consultancy has fueled her interests for helping foster successful businesses and organizations to serve the community.